Our work
The wide-reaching universe that embraces our handcrafted work has shone its stars on the national and international markets for more than twenty years. Our stellar bodies take the form of prints, painting, mirrors, picture frames and other object d'art, with grand and splendid frames, adorned with gilt, wood or enamelled finishes... The expert and sensitive hands of our craftsmen shape and illuminate these objects, enlivening them and bringing brilliance to our personal and rarefied universe, where Florentine-style gold leaf gilding meets special glazing, hand-applied wood tone beeswax finishes, customized prints featuring a cracle effect, premium qualitymaterials, incomparable attention to detail. Every day, we revivethe wonder of this unmistakeable workmanship that merges with the originality of our creations to give life to a broad range of products. These are the starsin our galaxy. They sing the praises of our ever-growing success and lead us to believe even more deeply in our work, providing daily encouragement to continue our tireless research and development. research and commitment motivate us to develop new items to offerr to our valued customers, people who appreciate true beauty and the intrinsic value of the materials and the workmanship that our hands and our experience can create.